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    Disposable medical anti-fog visor
    Disposable medical anti-fog visor

    Medical Protective masks are designed according to the shape of the human head made after medical staff can effectively prevent wear in health and disease prevention, treatment check pollutants on the face of the splash; mask material made of high-strength, high transparent PET plastic film, and after surface treatment, for use in high humidity environments, the surface without droplet formation, ensuring clear vision. 

    [Performance] structure 
    1 Structure: medical protective masks masks made from PET film and elastic, sponge padded headgear made components. 
    (2) Performance: Masks with good transparency and anti-fog properties; 
    3 products sterile, single-use. 

    The scope of application 
    Products applicable to medical personnel protective eye and face suffer accidental injury or splashing filth during a medical procedure.

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